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Welcome to Hannah & Meg’s list of the top free things to do in Florence, Italy. Florence is a walking town, and we’ve spent years exploring forgotten alleyways, peering into cafes, and concocting stories about what happened behind closed gates and walls. Plus, there are free museums, haunted gravesites, and Tuscan hikes to strike from our bucket lists.

These activities don’t cost a thing – except for the 2-euro gelato or birra we reward ourselves with at the end of a long excursion. Plus, we’ve experienced much more of the city than we would have sticking to the standard script. We prefer to break out of the tourist lines, pour over maps in small enotecas, and then document the best of our thrift-worthy secrets.

Which brings us to our latest adventure – sharing our favorite walks, “crawls,” and places with you! Check out our teasers below for the exciting itineraries that await you on our blog, Florence for Free. We’re happy to have you with us.


Every Road Leads to Rome: An Ancient Roman Walk Through Florence

Veni, Vidi, Vici Firenze! Although Meg and my hearts beat for the Renaissance, they race for those Romans! I mean what’s not to love about gladiator fights, vomitoriums, and togas? Although today tourists flock to Florence to see where the Renaissance kicked off, the true foundation of the city is entirely Roman. Unlike Rome’s majestic stretches of crumbled pillars and shells of temples, the ruins in Florence are a bit more discreet, posing an exciting challenge for the determined history buff to sniff out. So take off those rose-colored Renaissance glasses as we take you on a walk around the ancient Roman city of Florentia.

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The Ponte Vecchio

Arguably, Florence’s most famous free attraction is the Ponte Vecchio. Centuries of writers have waxed poetic about its picturesque shops, and an uncountable number of sweethearts have dramatically declared their love by securing padlocks to the bridge’s fence and throwing the key into the Arno below. But the bridge is more than beautiful – it’s central to Florentine history. Although many have read the bridge’s story in travel guides and history books, we’d like to recount the story the way we’ve heard Florentines tell it – with a little local legend thrown in.

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The English Cemetery

It’s no secret that the streets and piazzas of Florence can be a hot-Italian-mess (and I mean that in the best way possible). Finding a small oasis of peace and quiet in Florence, while a challenge, is a must. The English Cemetery is one such taschino of tranquility among the ever-bustling city. Ok, maybe hanging out with dead people isn’t for everyone. But hear us out. Rather than finding ghosts and goblins here, you will discover inspiring art, an intriguing history, and be pleasantly surprised to see who has made this little cemetery their final resting place.

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Walking  Tour: Fashion as Art on Display

Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada and more. While much of the art produced by these design labels can only be purchased by a privileged few, the fashion industry is certainly a vital part of Florence’s culture and economy. But its influence and importance is not limited to inside stores: luxury window displays inject a beautifully modern, ever revolving burst of energy into the stone-laid city. Bright colors, clever uses of fabrics and unexpected supplies dazzle as vignettes framed by Florence’s heavy masonry. Before you dismiss this as a glorified window-shopping stroll, let me stress: crafting these displays requires mastery and artistry. And we’re not talking about simply one or two stores, but rather row after row of visual lightness and creativity. The best part? You don’t need to have a black American Express burning a hole in your pocket to enjoy (and be inspired by!) the fun – it’s free for the taking!

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