New Florence Project

By Martina Innocenti (University of Florence)

Road safety is a subject we must speak about, just like people who unfortunately have suffered serious accidents on the road or at work; which is one of the only ways to make people aware of these issues. We can pressure authorities or institutions to help in the fight against these tragedies, making victims feel less alone, less abandoned, those families affected by these disasters, which maybe have people at home to attend to constantly after one of these incidents.

These are the exact reasons why the Fondazione Claudio Ciai, born to assist the livelihood and recover of those who have suffered these kind of accidents, decided to present the “New Florence Project” event, held in Florence in the Hall of the Lepoldine, which has put together seminars of road safety and disabilities, featuring works of art by artists from New York and Florence.

The idea was to create works that showed a mix of the major symbols of the two cities (Florence and New York) and was created by the bond that the Ciai family has with the Cathedral of Florence, having contributed  during the era of its construction to the coordination of the workers and the financing of the work, as well as from Claudio’s never fulfilled desire of visiting the Big Apple.

Therefore, these two wonderful places, two opposing symbols (one of modernity and the other of antiquity) are for the first time depicted together, as if they were one; see for example in ‘Reflections of the future’ by John Bini, Brunelleschi’s Dome is flanked by tall apartment building typical of the American city; or in ‘News’ by Silvia Paoli featuring an original representation of the Piazza del Duomo drawn in charcoal on a canvas covered with the pages of the New York Times.

All wonderful and truly unique paintings, which support a noble cause and remember the unity of nations, and so, the emblem and summary of the exhibition could therefore be the painting by Mauro Rigacci ‘Together’ in which David and the Statue of Liberty embrace, united for this important project in support of the objectives of the Foundation.

All works have been collected in the NFP Calendar 2015, available in the shop at the Foundation’s website,  to give a little hand in a large non-profit organization that was founded by the son of Claudio Ciai who lost his father to a terrible accident, << by the belief that great pain can be transformed into love for others, that the malaise of the heart can be filled with dedication and service to others. That death can be important, capable of transforming an immense sadness into a new life based on hope >>.

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