First Calcio Game

By Taylor Williams (Kent State University in Florence)

Last week my friends and I went to our first Fiorentina soccer game! It was so much fun, and we got to watch the Florence team beat Udinese 3-0. We all dressed up in our purple scarves, hats and shirts to show support for our favorite city and took the train to the stadium. I was very excited to attend my first game, and hopefully not my last, and it was even better because I got to experience the game with one of my good friends from middle school!

Chrissie is studying abroad in Cambridge, England, and while on a trip through Italy she came to Florence for a couple of days to visit. We had so much fun and were able to get tickets to the soccer game for Wednesday evening. We all got to the game and our tickets were in the far curve of the field so we had a good view of the both goals and the entire field.

Surrounded by a bunch of Italians, I felt a little out-of-place, but we quickly picked up on some of the chants and enjoyed listening to the Italians sing songs and cheer for their home team! Soccer is not something that I watch at home or really understand but there is something about being at a game in Italy, where soccer (calcio) is the most popular sport!

Before the end of the game we were cheering, having confetti thrown around us and enjoyed a good old-fashioned American hot dog (Oscar Meyer)! I definitely hope to get back to another game before my time in Italy is over – and hopefully pick up on some Italian chants and soccer rules!

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