El Cimarron

January 10th, 2015
9:00 PMto11:00 PM

El Cimarrón is a composition written during the Cuban stay of composer Hans Werner Henze (1969-1970), corresponding to his conversion to the  communist ideology. The work, based on autobiographical passages narrated by freed slave Esteban Montejo to journalist Miguel Barnet in 1963, through all seasons of Cuban history, from the war of independence in 1895 to the advent of Fidel Castro. Henze describes this score as a recital for four musicians: a baritone who plays El Cimarron, a guitarist, a flautist and a percussionist, all involved in sound experimentation that characterizes his work, an actual height of the music of that era.

Saturday, January 10 at 21:00 at the Teatro Cantiere Florida Florence

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