Guillermo Garcia Calvo

By Anna Fetteroll (University of Connecticut)

To be honest, before I saw the event listing, I had never heard of Guillermo Garcia Calvo. As soon as I arrived to the Opera di Firenze Theatre I was able to conclude that Guillermo was very well respected and I was lucky to be sitting in on his performance.

I was definitely one of the youngest in the audience and it seemed like everyone else was there with their spouse. Everyone in attendance was dressed very well and a lot of people sat down and bought a drink in the lounge area before finding their seats. The Opera di Firenze Theatre was absolutely beautiful and even though I was by myself, it was a very calming atmosphere to observe in. I am trying to learn Italian during my stay here, and so far this event has showed me the most in terms of culture and language. I did not know of any other English speakers, so I was forced to communicate and figure things out as best as I could in Italian. There was a lot that I found similar between Italy and America, but I found a lot to be different as well.

I understand that phones are not as popular among the older generation, but anywhere I would go in America, people carry their phones with them and use them much more frequently when they are with their friends. This may be surprising, but one of the main things I noticed while I was at this performance was that people were there to enjoy their time with their companions. There wasn’t any texting or notification checking during the event. It was very obvious that people were enjoying one another’s company, and their conversations seemed more natural. I can’t help but feel like in America, things are rushed and there is a pressure to always be available.

When Guillermo walked on stage, there was an incredible attention directed towards him. The applause was amazing and there was a magical feeling of excitement. I have never been to this type of performance before, but I feel like I won’t hear an orchestra that beautifully sounding again in my life. It amazed me that each instrument section was so in-sync to sound like one very loud instrument. When the orchestra paused, it sounded very dramatic and the audience was so attentive you could hear a pin drop in the back of the room.

My seat was great and I felt like I was in the heart of the audience. I had an amazing experience. I have never been to an orchestra performance before but this event opened up my eyes to better recognize talent and excellence in music.

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