Why Spring Break was not only Relaxing but also Rewarding

By Rachel Bimonte (Roger Williams University)

As only being a sophomore in college, I have never travelled on spring break before – let alone without my parents or someone who was good at traveling. So, what did this mean for me? It meant if I wanted to go on a spring break, I had to figure out with my friends where to go, how to get there, what to do, and most important, how to budget my money.

Figuring out where to go was easy: we wanted to relax but also have fun. With that in mind, we came to the conclusion of Santorini, Greece and Barcelona, Spain. We decided to plan this on our own rather than going through any travel companies so we made sure we did what we wanted, when we wanted.

The day before we left for spring break, I have to say I was a little nervous of how traveling was going to go. We had to take a train, a taxi, and two airplanes to get to Santorini and had to make sure we allowed ourselves enough time so we didn’t miss any of the transportation.

If you have ever traveled before, you can probably relate to my worries.

However, we all made it to Santorini in one piece and that–was rewarding. During our stay in Santorini we came across some very nice people, a lot of sun, a couple of donkeys and the most fantastic view I have ever seen, talk about relaxing. We rode on a boat to a volcano and then did a donkey ride to end the day. I think we covered almost every form of transportation while traveling. We also did an 8 mile hike from Fira, Santorini to Oia, Santorini and were greeted by the amazing views that Greece has to offer. I also got to experience Greek food but somehow I ended up with some sort of pasta every night at dinner (oops!)

To get to Barcelona, it was another taxi and two planes but finally, we were in Spain and ready to hit the streets and have a great time. I had the most amazing food in Barcelona and it was the highlight of my visit in Spain. We walked along La Rambla, a famous street in the city center and we also walked the side streets that reminded me a lot of the look of Florence. We also saw La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, two ‘must-sees’ while in Barcelona.

The amount I got to see in each country, mixed with the amount I got to relax and the large amount of food I consumed, I would say it was a pretty relaxing first spring break trip.

My trip was definitely one for the books and I will never forget the time and energy I put into getting there and the feeling of looking at the scenery in Greece and walking down the hustle bustle of Barcelona to remind myself that it is truly rewarding it is to reap the benefits of hard work.

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