I confini della mediazione nei Musei; Pubblici e Professionalita’

by Madison Agnew – CSU Firenze

Starting on Wednesday, November 15th, the international symposium The Boundaries of Museum Mediation was held in Museum of Palazzo Vecchio and The University of Florence. This conference includes a series of lectures, guided museum tours, round-table discussions, and cocktail hours that allow people from across the world to discuss both the relationships between museums and audiences and on the professional skills of museum guides. The symposium is a chance for training and improving museum managers, guides, experts and researchers.

One lecture held addressed the challenges of the mediation of museums, with speakers from museums across Florence, including Palazzo Strozzi,

Museum of National history, Uffizi Galleries, Opera del Duomo Museum, Innocenti Museum, Galileo Museum, and more. These speakers shared their experiences, successes, and failures when reaching out to a wide range of audiences. To spark and maintain interest with all audiences, they must connect to the elderly, young adults in the era of technology, and children ages sometimes as young as 3. Accessibility was also a main topic in this lecture, as many of the speakers spoke of ways they support the disabled community with adaptive experiences and events dedicated to those who need support to experience the exhibits.

In addition to these lectures, there were multiple guided tours to showcase the topics spoken about, and how they are being addressed in museums around Florence. These tours were given at the Museo del Novecento, Palazzo Vecchio, and to the exhibition “The Cinquecento in Florence” in Palazzo Strozzi.

As a student living in Florence, constantly surrounded by museums and a culture grounded in it’s history, it’s important to be aware of the efforts going into maintaining and sharing this city’s history. Students are a huge target audience, and listening in on the efforts currently being made can create a greater appreciation of the museums.

If you are traveling, living in Florence, or interested in any museums in particular, do some research before you attend! Between student discounts, upcoming events, or promotions, you can save money and meet other people around your age that share your common interests!

To improve your experience at the next museum you attend, ask a staff member or guide what they are implementing to share knowledge. There are many museums that have begun to create applications for smart phones that include maps, informational video clips, audio guides, and short articles about the works showcased. Making the effort to download an application or listen to an audio guide will save you money by not having to pay for a private or group tour, allow you to proceed through the museum at your preferred pace, and make you appreciate the works you are seeing more!

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