Singing the Renaissance

By Saverio Pacchioni (Music Senior Editor)

As we know, Renaissance was a global cultural revolution and as such it affected not only architecture, sculpture and painting but also literature, philosophy, theatre and of course music. Unfortunately, this last has been too often overlooked, without considering that you cannot fully understand a civilization leaving aside its sound. In fact, music adds a fundamental dimension that reflects the feel of an era giving it voice in the true sense of the word. So it is not surprising that a groundbreaking museum as the one of the Opera del Duomo in the rooms dedicated to the choirs have the speakers spread sacred music of the time.

Therefore, if you want to grasp Renaissance or simply approach it from an unusual angle and you have basic skills in singing or music, you should seriously take into serious consideration the possibility of applying for the course on Renaissance vocal music the Homme Armé organizes together with the Music School of Fiesole in September. At the end of the class, the participants will be ready to perform final concerts with Homme Armé professional musicians in celebrated places in Florence.

The Homme Armé is an internationally renowned ensemble devoted for many years to ancient vocal music ranging from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries, mainly centered on Florentine repertoire. Because of some similarities in the way of performing, lately the ensemble focused more and more on contemporary music, designing intriguing concert programs where ancient pieces and contemporary works are put side by side. They also performed celebrated works of Berio, Cage and Lang, receiving critical acclaim.

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