The Food at Weihnachtsmarkt

December 12th, 2017toJanuary 8th, 2018

by Abigail Ramos – Syracuse University

It’s that festive time of year again!

As the weather gets colder and you have to pile on more layers when you go outside, take the time to stop by Piazza di Santa Croce to visit the traditional German Christmas market, Weihnachtsmarkt. When you need to take a break from gift shopping for your friends and family back home, why not sample one of the many food stands that the Christmas market has to offer?

Got a sweet tooth? In almost every row, there are booths where you can buy several varieties of chocolates and candy. Craving something that feels more home-y? Not to worry; there’s a burger stand! If that’s not what you’re going for, there’s also a churro stand that is the closest thing you’ll get to Disneyland churro.

When I went last weekend to buy some Christmas gifts, I was overwhelmed by the holiday feeling of it all. As my roommate and I had been waiting for the Christmas lights to light up on our street for about a month now, the lights adorning each stand definitely gave off that Christmas feeling that we were both waiting for. As we walked past each row and smelled the different, delicious aromas of all the food around us, I knew then that Florence could never disappoint me, and that Florence was the place to be in, year-round, day in and day out.

Want to try something new? Mulled wine. While I am an avid fan of hot chocolate, mulled wine is definitely a close second. If you’ve never had hot wine, the mulled wine that is offered at Weihnachtsmarkt is the best place to try it.

Alongside the opportunity to buy cute gifts, Weihnachtsmarkt offers also the best place to try and buy great food. The types of food ranges from Polish food to Austrian food, to even American food. There is apple strudel, goulash, wurstel and roasted pig…the list goes on.

Explore all the food stands. Go on a food adventure. Even on days that seem grey and cold, this market can put you in the Christmas spirit and fill your stomach up with yummy food. The atmosphere is bustling, colorful, and cozy.

With all the things that Florence already has to offer you, visit the Weihnachtsmarkt, a taste of the traditional German Christmas market. But hurry! This market only lasts until December 21st. Take time out of your day to explore this truly unique Christmas market.

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