David Lynch: The Art Life

February 20th, 2017 6:00 PMtoFebruary 25th, 2017 6:30 PM

Lynch, which was filmed while the director was working on Inland Empire, team up with “Twin Peaks” producer Sabrina Sutherland to compile some remarkably intimate memories and reflections in a non-stop interview that is brought to life in photographs and home movies. Kept company by his toddler daughter, Lynch works on new paintings and artwork in his studio in the hills above Hollywood, where he recounts unsettling stories from his past that resonate with the haunting quality of his films. There is the completely naked woman who wandered into his driveway, her mouth bleeding, when he was a little boy; arriving for the first day of school in Virginia during a hurricane; locking himself away in a room in Boston listening to a radio for days on end, until the battery died; stopping his car in the middle of the highway, completely stoned. As sui generis self-portraiture, the film conveys a fascinating artist out of the ordinary — way out — and a creative trajectory that recognizably leads to the maker of the haunting “Mulholland Drive” and “Blue Velvet”.

Original version with Italian subtitles

February Monday 20: 6.00 – 9.40 pm

February Thursday 23: 9.00 pm

February Friday 25: 6.30 pm

Cinema Odeon Firenze

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