By Isis Wozniakowska (California State University in Florence)

Okay so why, Girona? Well, primarily because there were particularly cheap tickets to get there, really. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it is definitely one of those areas less seen by common tourists, which I feel was part of its charm. The main part of town still had many tourists and just about everyone in the city spoke English if you don’t know Spanish (or better yet if you don’t know Catalán because that’s really the official language of the area), but its nowhere near as “in your face” as most popular tourist cities are. The other fun thing is, since there aren’t any like super well known artists or film makers their museums are dirt cheap to visit.  For example, their art museum was I believe only €4 for entry and it was five floors high (and the century for the works would increase by floor, as well).

Not to mention it was not only an art museum but also a history museum. Within its galleries one could also find many forms of historical art and artifacts. (My personal favorite was the 17th century printing press. It was fun to see one of those in person).


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