By Isis Wozniakowska (California State University in Florence)

Dublin so far has been my favorite place I’ve traveled to. It was not only beautiful but the people were just lovely. The locals are always ready to tell a story or give you restaurant advice. They like to know where people come from and why they’ve come by as the city was incredibly multicultural. Walking down the street for 15 minutes in the evening I probably heard at least 5 or 6 different languages being spoken by people going by. As someone from a similarly culturally mixed type of area, it made me feel welcomed and right at home. I was also incredibly happy to have access to well made Chinese food and Tex Mex for once. Italy unfortunately severely lacks in these particular options…

So I will admit it was the people that mostly sold me on the city but it was also just a beautiful city in its own right. The downside, its definitely an expensive city. A pint of beer is usually around €6-7 which is definitely more on the expensive side and food can also get really up there in prices. But, they have several free national museums and walking tours which balance out the travel budget at least to an extent. And hey, I like viking history and landscape watercolor paintings…..


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