W Momix Forever in Florence

By Liz Brown-Kaiser (University of Virginia)

Over the weekend, Florentine families gathered at Teatro Verdi on Via Ghibellina for the acrobatic performance of the international company, Momix.

The group first came to Italy in 1980 and to Teatro Verdi in 1999. This particular show, W Momix Forever, celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Momix company and premiered at the famous Barclays Teatro Nazionale di Milano on June 10th, 2015.

W Momix Forever features the best scenes from previous showcases such as MOMIXCLASSICS, PASSION, and BASEBALL. Teatro Verdi also hosted the episodes OPUS CACTUS, SUNFLOWER MOON,  BOTHANICA, and for the grand finale, ALCHEMY.

Choreographed and directed by the talented Moses Pandleton, W Momix Forever is impressive to people of all ages in a wide range of countries. On stage, acrobats and dancers utilize props like table-tops, batons, and levers to wow the audience. Crowds are confused yet amazed by the performers’ illusions, flexibility, and immense strength.

W Momix Forever will continue to tour throughout Italy and even travel to the United States in the coming months.

To watch the show’s official promotion, check out the company’s website: http://www.momix.com/portfolio-view/w-momix-forever/

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