Eataly Pizza Making Class

Any student studying abroad in Florence has been to or walked by the Duomo, and have likely walked past Eataly, a restaurant and store just by the Duomo. Let me explain, Eataly is essentially a 3 in 1 experience. It is a restaurant, store, and learning environment. I arrived with three other students from different universities to attend a pizza making class at Eataly. It was an amazing experience, I’ll carry with me.

The woman who ran the class, Alessia, went over the history of Eataly. It’s family owned, as are most businesses in Italy, ten years old and continually expanding. For example, there’s an Eataly in Boston, and even the UK. Eataly opened its first store in Turin, in 2007. Eataly’s manifesto has ten personal commandments.

1.We’re in love with food – They love high quality food and love the stories about them.

2. Food unites us all – Good food helps us find a common point of view, they value family time such as family dinners.

3.Our passion has become our job – They are lucky to do what they love

4.The secret to quality of life? Quality products – They use mainly organic foods

5.Our target audience is everyone – From buying a loaf of bread, making a meal or sitting down for a meal, Eataly is very hospitable

6.Eat. Shop. Learn

  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Classes

7.We’re in this together – What you choose determines what they’ll stock, and support local farmers

8.Our three promises to you

  • . Choice – diverse selection
  • Accessibility – low prices
  • Knowledge –

9.Your trust is earned every day

10.The end goal – to have you as a customer for life

While we didn’t make the pizza dough from scratch, we did pick it up from a pile with a scraper and shaped the dough into a crust. We all struggled to shape it, but one of the chefs was happy to help us shape it. We got to add the tomato sauce and even ripped apart a ball of mozzarella by ourselves. We also used a Pizza Peel, the long spatula, and cautiously carried our creation to the fiery hot wood-fired oven. We were astonished at how quickly the pizzas cooked, it took less than ten minutes! Granted the oven was set to 326 C, that’s over 600 F! We watched our pizza periodically to check on it. Once they looked done, we used the Peel, to gently take it out and place it on a plate. We also got to drizzle olive oil on it, and put basil on it.

Every student studying abroad in Florence should stop by and experience Eataly. It’s a place where you can really immerse yourself in and learn about Italian culture. The people who work there are nice and are there to help you with any questions. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, I didn’t feel anxious at the pizza making class, because any mistakes that I made, was a learning experience. Eataly is a worthwhile experience to immerse yourself in Italian culture.

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