By Daniel Cook (Syracuse University in Florence)

This is the motto of Eataly, the largest Italian marketplace in the world which provides ample opportunity to pursue all three. The organization is made up of restaurants, food and beverage shops, bakeries, and a cooking school. They are located are in several Italian cities including Florence, Rome, Milano and more. However, Eataly has spread to countries throughout the world, with a presence across the U.S., Japan, Monaco and Istanbul to name a few.

Eataly in Florence

Located near the Duomo, Eataly Florence hosted me for an informative evening about their values, combined with a lesson in pizza creation. As I saw when creating a standard margarita pizza, Eataly believes that fresh, local ingredients are of utmost importance. That’s why they use produce that is almost exclusively from Italian regions, with only a tiny percentage of their goods being imported from other countries. As an example, the Eataly located in Florence is particularly passionate about their yeast and incubates all the yeast for their bread products on site. They make sure that their tomatoes, cheeses, wines, and all other goods keep up with that same standard of freshness.

fresh pizza ingredients

After shaping the dough, dusting it in flour and spreading a thin layer of fresh tomato sauce on top, the pizza gets topped with crumbled, wet mozzarella and placed inside a rotating wood-burning oven. The oven is kept at a searing 327 °C, or 620 °F, which means the pizza is cooked through in approximately 5 minutes. Thanks to the rotating base, the oven functions like a massive microwave oven, albeit one that isn’t electric, that bakes each side of the pizza to perfection. After adding some olive oil and a couple leaves of basil, it is ready to be enjoyed. You too can dine on such Italian cuisine at any Eataly destination, with restaurants located on site.

Rotating Wood-burning Oven

Eataly restaurant table

Although the “eat” and “learn” aspects of Eataly’s motto were certainly enjoyable, it is important to not forget the “shop” part. The same freshness that you can eat and create is expressed in the goods they sell. Cheeses, meats, wines, oils and more are all on display at an affordable price that will lead to delectable results. Not only will you be able to bring a delicious meal to your table, you will also be helping the farmers of Italy. Eataly is working, and succeeding, to bring fresh Italian food to households around the world.

Eataly market

Photo creds: Ankita Varman

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