Welcome to the Loser’s Club

By Johanna Rodriguez (California State University in Florence)

Although rain was forecasted for this weekend, Florence had a warm inviting ambiance this Saturday afternoon. There was so much life and movement on the streets that one can almost forget that there are peaceful places tucked in the city. Shyly tucked away in the streets of the city center is a jewel that is almost too peaceful among the busy streets. The street sign invites in viewers all speaking a variety of tongues rushing to a mutual location for the same reason.

The Odeon welcomed a very diverse crowd as teenagers, adults, and students rushed into its doors to see the latest screening of Stephen King’s IT. There seemed to be a small line upon arriving, but as soon as I looked back I saw a line of people out of the door pouring out onto the streets of Firenze. The Odeon itself is a location that will give you a new experience when it comes to watching a movie; it makes the film its own experience and reestablishes its title as an art. IT began promptly at 17:30 and dimmed the lights to a very famous opening scene in film: a little boy in a yellow raincoat and a paper boat. Seeing this opening scene immediately had me on the edge of my seat as I prepared to watch the rest of the film (and I stayed on that edge for the entire film). The intermission given in the middle of the film was a breath of fresh air during all the suspenseful imagery that was occurring. King has every reason to have pride in this year’s rendition of a classic piece.

Potential spoilers may lie ahead, though those that have read the book or seen the original may not have anything spoiled. The film got off to a rapid start with its introduction of the infamous clown that haunts the town of Derry every 27 years; the introduction of the ‘loser’s club’ was a very good way to lighten up the movie that created such suspense in the air. The young friends filled the movie with humor in some of the most inappropriate scenes. The most impressive part of the film was the cinematography and its composition all as one. The angles of the camera, lighting, and sound are all used in a way to heighten the suspense created with the images filmed. The contrast between dark suspenseful scenes and the pasty face of IT is something that had the crowd jumping as the image popped up on the screen. Throughout the film, the many figures that IT uses to lure his victims in are so life-like it is incredible to see. The actors that played the ‘loser’s club’ are all very talented and raw in their performances. The witty gang, despite their difference in opinion, are all able to come together to overcome their fears in order to win over the despiteful clown. The lack of fear the kids have in the final scene is perhaps one of the best scenes of the movie; other than the infamous clown fleeing from the children as he sees that he creates no fear anymore. Needless to say, this movie is one that deserves several rounds of applause.

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