The Summer Solstice in Santa Maria del Fiore

May 29th, 2018toDecember 29th, 2018

Four dates to attend the observation of the summer solstice in Santa Maria del Fiore.

Around noon, a long beam of sunlight will go through a plate with a round hole placed at a height of ninety meters projecting the circle of the sun that will move on the floor until it aligns with a circle marking the exact moment of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Because of its height, it is the greatest pinhole gnomon in the world and one of the oldest. It was realised by the mathematician Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli in 1475 to measure the duration of the year and later the inclination of the earth’s axis.


7-12-19-21 June 12.30 pm- 1.30 pm

Santa Maria del Fiore

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