Saint John the Baptist’s Feast

June 18th, 2018toAugust 31st, 2018

The celebrations of Florence’s patron saint will start in the morning with the Mass in Santa Maria del Fiore said by the Cardinal Betori featuring the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Children’s Choir and the Choir of Santa Maria del Fiore. In the afternoon, the Historical Parade of the Florentine Republic will leave from Piazza Santa Maria Novella walking through the streets up to Piazza della Signoria to attend the Renaissance dance performed by the Madonne Fiorentine and then it will reach Piazza Santa Croce. Here, after the Bandierai degli Uffizi show and the opening ceremony, the final match of the Calcio Storico will take place. Although the game was widespread in the city since the fifteenth century, the current tournament evokes the match played in 1529 as a sign of disregard for the enemy during Charles V’s army siege to the city. Four teams representing the historic districts of the city take part in it. This year’s final will be between the Reds of Santa Maria Novella and the Greens of San Giovanni. Finally, after the award ceremony, I Fochi, the traditional amazing fireworks shot from Piazzale Michelangelo literally end Saint John’s day with a bang!


24 June

10 am Mass

3.30 pm Historical Parade

4 pm Madonne Fiorentine

5 pm Bandierai degli Uffizi and opening ceremony

5.30 pm Calcio Storico

10 pm Fochi

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