Florence Dance Festival

July 9th, 2018toDecember 31st, 2018

New upcoming dance shows in the Chiostro Grande of Santa Maria Novella, a fourteenth century monumental structure with fifty-two great lunettes frescoed. This week, Balletto Teatro di Torino will present “Con-diviso”, dealing with the things that separate and unite us, “Concept 1”, rapid improvisations creating a match between movement and graphics, “Chameleon”, about the metamorphoses of female nature. Following, Company Blu with “Angel”, a choreography inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnets concerning the topic of gender. Finally, FloDance 2.0 will dance a live performance of Ravel’s “Bolero” in the choreography of M. Nativo.


12, 13, 18 July, 9.30 pm

Chiostro Grande di Santa Maria Novella

Piazza della Stazione 6



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