Florence Dance Festival

July 24th, 2018toAugust 31st, 2018

Final shows of the twentieth edition of the Florence Dance Festival taking place in the fourteenth century monumental frescoed Chiostro Grande of Santa Maria Novella. Kinesis Dance Company will present “Non esistono più le mezze stagioni (Things aren’t what they used to be)”, a hilarious show about clichés and bias. In the second part, “Chapter One” by Mystes, a journey through the unknown meanders of artistic creativity. On the 27th, Michael Clark Company with “To a Simple Rock ‘n Roll Song”, an exciting triptych paying homage to E. Satie’s broad influence, P. Smith rock energy and D. Bowie’s eccentric vitality. Then, the exhilarating concert “Swingin’ Hips”, rearrangements of 30s and 40s swing classics by Nico Gori 10tet. Lastly, Dancebourne Arts will perform “Godai”, choreographies based on Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether, the five elements in Japanese Buddhism.


25, 27, 28 July 1 August 9.30 pm

Chiostro Grande di Santa Maria Novella

Piazza della Stazione 6




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