Fabbrica Europa/Maggio Musicale Fiorentino: Mitten wir im Leben Sind/Bach6cellosuiten

May 29th, 2018toJuly 31st, 2018

Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker presents her new choreography named after the first line of an ancient Gregorian chant (In the midst of life we are in death) and based on Bach’s cello suites, performed live by the French cellist Jean Guihen Queyras.

Although the suites are made up of dance movements, they were not composed to accompany dancers. In spite of that and their complexity, however they are surprisingly rooted in movement and danceable, especially in modern choreography-which proves the timeless vitality of Bach’s music.


2 June 8.45 pm, 3 June 5.45 pm

Teatro della Pergola

Via della Pergola 12/32




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