The American versus Public Transportation: Firenze Edition

February 7th, 2018toDecember 7th, 2019

by Clotilde Gannon (University of Connecticut)

Public transportation is a worthwhile enterprise in Florence, that is, if you can learn how the system operates. The language barrier makes it difficult for American students to navigate through the system. This is not a reason to quit. Public transportation in Florence includes buses and trains and these modes of transportation can not only save travel time, but money as well as they are an inexpensive way to travel. With time and practice anyone can learn to use the public transportation here in Florence.

Tips for New Travelers:

  1. Wipe the worried look off your face and smile. Don’t give up. It may be worrisome if you cannot figure out where to go. Train tracks and bus stops are not always clearly labeled and easily accessible. Eventually you will get to where you need to go. Take a sip of water. Everything will be okay.
  2. Ask for help. Whether it be through using a translator app or finding a fellow English-speaker. Whether it be finding a train track or a particular bus stop, a Florentine will typically know more than Google.
  3. Be prepared with a fully charged phone battery. Not only Google Translate but Google Transit can be a life saver. Download the apps before your departure.
  4. Be early. When you have time on your side not only do you have time for error, but there will be no need for agitation or rushing. To be on time is to be late.
  5. Have fun with it. So what if you get lost? You’re in a beautiful city. Laugh it off and enjoy your trip! Don’t let any miscommunication stand in the way of your adventure!

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