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The CSU IP Director’s Message for Flo’n the go Special Edition

The California State University is extraordinarily proud of its long history in Florence.  We believe that the CSU Florence Center is unique in its continued commitment to having our students spend an entire academic year in Florence and require the study of Italian as a part of their academic program.  The CSU has always hoped to be a member of the Florence community.  From the beginning, that collaboration has been a mutual benefit.

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CSU Florence Director: The Surprisingly Complete and Intensely Immersive World of CSU Florence

CSU Florence Director Alypios Chatziioanou has been interviewed by Leyla Yasemin Tarhan
Among the several American universities offering study abroad programs in Florence, California State University stands out. CSU has run a campus in Florence for 46 years. Over that period, it has built a strong relationship with the city, so that its students have a very uniquely Florentine experience.

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Leonardo Ferragamo – A Second Renaissance

L. Ferragamo

Leonardo Ferragamo – Head of Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi – has been interviewed by Leyla Yasemin Tarhan
Jovial and warm, Leonardo Ferragamo fills a room with his energy. He gives the impression of doing several things at once without ever sacrificing the quality of his work along the way. It’s little wonder, then, that he has been at the forefront of a movement to revitalize Florence’s cultural and artistic life.

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