What is “Flo’n the go”?

Promoted by Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi (APPS), Flonthego.com was born as a newsletter that serves to inform its subscribers, who are Italian and foreign students alike, about what’s hot in Florence. The site focuses on six different topics: Arts, On Stage, Music, Lifestyle, Gourmet, and Sports.

The aim of this initiative is to put students from different parts of the world in contact with one another, as well as in contact with the city of Florence as a whole, via individual editorial offices, each of which focuses on one of the six topics, and all joined together under the direct supervision of a senior editor. Such a varied collaboration serves to create a combination of styles, interests, and content that make the “exclusive” space more useful and lively, while also reporting the not-to-be-missed Florentine events.

Flo’n the Go is not just a one-way newsletter, or a website without dialogue, but – thanks to the involvement of the students themselves – is also a combination between blog and social network, with all the useful information needed to both experience the city and to best enjoy all of our provided suggestions.

Palazzo Strozzi is a vital hub of activity, with exhibitions, a center for contemporary culture (the CCC Strozzina), installations, lectures, events, and performances throughout the year, and welcomes Flo’n the go to the city’s rich cultural fabric.