Kent State University Special Edition

Dear all,

It is truly a pleasure for me to introduce this special issue of Flonthego for Kent State University, a university very dear to me, and from which, last April 7 in Cleveland, I received, with great honor, an Honorary Degree in Humane Letters.

As some of you know, this site was created to provide a virtual forum where Italian and foreign students, who study, or have studied, in Florence can exchange ideas, suggestions and impressions of our city.

This initiative has had great success amongst the foreign universities and institutes present in the Florentine territory.

In particular, we have obtained a strong involvment on the part of the professors and the students of Kent State University in Florence, and it is for this that we have decided to dedicate a special issue of Flonthego to this very prestigious university in Ohio.

The purpose of this issue is to give light to why foreign students choose Florence as a place of study and of formation, in addition to underlining the change between our city’s past and  present, in order to highlight the expectations for the future.

In fact, more and more, the media (but also many others) is regarding Florence as the new city – a workshop where the inescapable historic heritage is combined with new activities and with a desire to bring this patrimony of mankind to its best and communal fruition in a context of a current  dimension.

Florence, as we constantly hope, will receive all of our well-deserved effort, due to its centuries-long past, and overall, to its future potential.

Once again, it is a true, positive, and attracting point of reference.

Thank you to all and long live KSU!

Leonardo Ferragamo