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Università degli Studi di Firenze

Stage Garden in Villa la Pietra

By Emma Montross (Lorenzo de’ Medici) Villa la Pietra came into New York University (NYU) possession in 1994, bequeathed by Sir Harold Acton upon his death. Since then, the University has dedicated the five historic villas on the fifty-seven acres of the property to housing and academic study for NYU students studying abroad in Florence. A place to Read On

Villa la Pietra

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) Villa la Pietra is located outside the city center of Florence close to Fiesole and it was previously the home of Sir Harold Acton (1904-1994).  He was born into a prominent family in Florence, who had a history of art collecting.  Upon his death the estate and his collection was left Read On

Gerardo delle Notti. Quadri bizzarrissimi e cene allegre

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) 10 February – 24 May The exhibit is the first monographic dedicated to the Dutch artist Gerrit van Honthorst, who was also known as Gherardo delle Notti and for the characteristics of his paintings, especially in “the light of the night”. The painter, after his initial training in Utrecht, arrived in Rome inspired Read On

Museo degli Argenti and exhibtions “Treasures of the Buccellati Foundation”

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Museo degli Argent is located on the ground floor of Palazzo Pitti within the part of the building that overlooks the garden.  This section preserves the Medici collection of jewelry, vases, crystals, and other precious objects that belonged to the Medici family. The first room, that was originally the foyer for Read On

Museo di Storia Naturale, Zoologia ‘La Specola’

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Museum of Zoology and Natural History, La Specola, is the oldest scientific Museum in Europe.  Centrally located in Florence near Palazzo Pitti, this museum is housed in Palazzo Torrigani on Via Romana 17, and was founded in 1775 by the Gran Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo.  The museum was created Read On

Museo Galileo

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Museo Galileo located near the Arno and the Uffizi Gallery, houses one of the largest Renaissance scientific instrument collections.  The Museum re-opened after a two-year closure for redesigning in 2010 and now it is one of the leading museums within Florence for education.  As the majority of the museums Read On

Museo Stibbert

by Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Stibbert Museum, located just outside of the historical city center of Florence, houses the collection of Frederick Stibbert.  Stibbert (1836-1906) inherited the estate, the present day museum, from his grandfather who was the commander in chief for the British East India Company and therefore supplied the family with its Read On

Massimo Bartolini, Museo Marino Marini

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) 11 January 2015- 8 March 2015 The figure of Massimo Bartolini, curated by Alberto Salvadori, was opened January at the Museo Marino Marini. The artist, born in Cecina in 1962, offers a series of major works, which were thought of specifically for this exhibition.  The objective is to create a comparison with Read On

The Collection of Russian Icons at the Uffizi Gallery

By Mackenzie Constantinou (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Uffizi Gallery presents never before seen works in an exhibition dedicated to the grand ducal collection of Russian icons The 1761 inventory of Palazz Pitti is what established the major part of the acquisition of the grand ducal icon collection.  These were arranged in the ‘Cabinet of Ancient Paintings’ during Read On

The Stanza del Guardaroba, Palazzo Vecchio

By Nicole Corbin (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Stanza del Guardaroba, also known as the Hall of Geographical Maps, on the second floor of the Palazzo Vecchio is perhaps one of the most striking and fascinating rooms within the massive palace.  The cabinet doors within the Guardaroba are painted with 53 different maps, the work of Fra Read On

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