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Università degli Studi di Firenze

Gemito and Sculpture in Naples in the 19th and 20th Centuries

By Veronica Becattini (University of Florence) In the completely restored exhibition space of the former “Ernesto Galeffi” museum of Montevarchi, there is a beautiful arrangement of 70 works made of bronze and terracotta, all created by some of the most important southern sculptors from the Italian regions of Campania, Puglia and Calabria; these artists were active Read On

The Treasure Museum of San Lorenzo

By Alessandra Sernissi The Treasure Museum of San Lorenzo has, for many years, enriched the wonderful Laurentian Medici complex. Located just below the Old Sacristy, the fifteenth-century masterpiece of Filippo Brunelleschi, the museum is situated in the vaulted spaces beneath the basilica, which were once the headquarters of the society of the Blessed Sacrament. The Laurentian treasure Read On

Two New Shows at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art

By Brigid Brennan The Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is now host to two very important shows: the first, named Unanswered Prayers, features photographic works by Italian artist Anna Paola Pizzocaro, and the second, entitled Paint?!, shows the canvases of Gianfranco Zappettini and other artists of the Analytical movement of painting that occurred during the 1970s.   Unanswered Prayers The Read On

Christian Zucconi, Stone and Flesh

By Valentina Becattini (University of Florence) The Cassero for the nineteenth- and twentieth-century Italian sculpture of Montevarchi  has decided to become, for about two months, starting from February 11, an evocative backdrop for the extraordinary creations of Christian Zucconi, born in 1978. The peculiarity of this young artist is especially visible in the technique with which he Read On


By Eleonora Ciambellotti (Lorenzo de’ Medici) At this point, it is a common story: attracting the public to contemporary art is often difficult. At times, fruitless. Explanations, simple and direct language, emotional preparations and lots of creativity are required. The works don’t always speak for themselves, but the artists do! Strong in this conviction, the Strozzina, Center Read On

Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology

By Brigid Brennan, Rachel Strilec Megan O’Connor (Lorenzo de’ Medici) Once a unified structure, the Museum of Natural History was founded by the Grand Duke Leopold of Habsburg-Lorraine in 1775. Since 1878, however, it has been divided into six different sections around town: Anthropology and Ethnology; Geology and Paleontology; Mineralogy and Lithology; Zoology; Botany; and the Botanical Gardens. The Anthropology Read On

An Exhibit for the Blind.. at a Photography Museum?

By Brigid Brennan (Lorenzo de’ Medici) An exhibit for the blind at a photography museum seems not only counter-intuitive, but downright dysfunctional. Without being able to see, how could a visually disabled person be able to perceive a visual image? Even the website of the National Alinari Museum of Photography states that, “of all forms of art, Read On

Elegance Fused with Eccentricities

by Trista Parmann (Lorenzo de’ Medici) The Ultramodern Use of Color, Pleats, & Structure (Fondazione Roberto Capucci: Museo Villa Bardini) Bright magentas, turquoises, ruby-reds, mint greens, and ambers: the Fondazione of Roberto Capucci, on the top floor of the Villa Bardini, does anything but showcase primary colors, or for that matter basic garments. The exhibition includes a Read On

The Antonio Manzi Museum: the Room of Marble Sculpture

by Alessandra Sernissi (Università di Firenze) The Antonio Manzi museum, housed in the beautiful setting of Villa Rucellai, was born in 2007 thanks to a donation from the artist of the Community of the city of Campi Bisenzio, not native but adopted, at which is strongly linked at this point for decades. The collection on display Read On

Vasari, the Uffizi, the Duke and the new technologies

By Alessandra Sernissi Florence has decided to pay tribute, on the five-hundredth anniversary of his birth, to a great genius of the 16th century: Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574). This show, entitled “Vasari, the Uffizi and the Duke,” highlights the close relationship between the Grand Duke Cosimo I de’Medici and his favorite artist, which then led to the foundation Read On

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